Course Description

شعار جامعة القصيم
Course symbol: CHEM-120
Level: Third
Course Title: Analytical Chemistry
Credit hours: 3(2+1)
Prerequisite: CHEM 113
Course Outline:
The course includes a survey of the classical methods of chemical analysis, the underlying theoretical concepts, and a brief introduction to modern instrumental analysis techniques.  
By the end of this course, student should be able to:
- Describe the applied chemical principles used for separation, detection,
  identification, and quantification of samples constituents. 
- Know statistical principles for chemical analysis
- Describe qualitative and quantitative analysis, i.e., gravimetric and volumetric
  analysis, concepts of acid-base, redox reactions, precipitation reactions, titrimetric
  analysis, spectrophotometric and chromatographic analysis as well as
  electrochemical behavior. 
- Principles of quality control.
Teaching Methods:
- Lectures
- Discussion
- Practical sessions
Evaluation Means:
- Semester Examination:     Written and Practical 50%
- Final Examination:                                                           50%
Reading List:
- Analytical Chemistry - An Introduction , Douglas A. Skoog 7th Edition, 2000.